Monday, April 18, 2011

I finally know why

Did you ever used to wonder why it was usually your dashing mustached dad who seemed to grace all your pictures from when you were born usually up until a year old or so? Or maybe you mostly find pictures of just you and your sibs?No its not because your dad loved you more and your mom was embarrassed of you. Its probably not even because you were an ugo baby( I have decided theres not such thing)
Well I finally figured out the secret. I have become that secret.
Yes..... its because your mom(and I AM including myself in on this) has not lost all her baby weight yet and does not want photographic evidence of this period of time.

Heidi Klum I curse you. You had 4 children and usually within a record time of 2-3 months you were back on the runway making me believe that I could be back to my old bod(maybe even better with this new milk rack) and sporting lingerie for a living. Yes I do base my life after celebs and what they accomplish. Its a sad existence.
Anywho..... so to catch you up. My body does not look like this
as I was SO hoping it would. Heres to hoping that in a few more months I will be capable and willing to put on some sort of swimsuit to enjoy the water with my "well worth the stretch marks and extra 10 lbs" baby boy!


Bryan + Juli said...

Sad sad story of my chubby post baby life...

erica said...

I have an idea, we can all be fat together and then we won't feel as bad about ourselves! You guys in?? haha