Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rag Ball ornaments


                                                               {source & instructions}
LB tells me I am addicted. It might be true. Before I know what is happening I am tapping the keys on my laptop and signing in to my Pinterest account. I recognize this feeling.  Its obsession. Which seemed to happen fairly quickly for me which I blame on the fact that it is every girls dream to "decorate" her life in more creative,new and inspiring ways. So.... my recent project and craft were these awesome Twine & Rag ball ornaments I found. Above is my own interpretation.Probably not as cute,but I like them. And since I seem to change my mind about everything every 30 min I can always take it down and change them out with a fabric I might eventually find.


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erica said...

oh well look at you getting all crafty, love it!