Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fat man in the red suit


Sequence of pictures on how Baby A's first visit with Santa went. It went differently in my mind then the real thing.I was envisioning smiles,laughter and a possible tug on the white beard. A isn't a shy baby. He knows when he is the center of attention and will purposely do things to make others laugh. Not this time though. He was NOT digging on the fat man in the red suit, looked at me with his accusing face and when he realized I wasn't rushing to save him-burst into tears. It didn't even seem to help much when I  was awkwardly forced onto Santa's lap. Only got worse when his hand seemed uncomfortably low for my taste(can you tell by my stiff pose)Good thing Baby A has been a very good boy this year or he might not have gotten any presents.


Really though......this boy could do no wrong in our eyes.


Kendra said...

oh, so cute! he looks like he's been a good boy this year so I think Santa will be lenient on him :)

erica said...

HAHAH yes I LOVE that you are on santa's lap! Can't stop laughin! Love you smell!