Monday, January 30, 2012

A turned 1!

I never thought putting together a 1 year old birthday party could be so time consuming.
I also never thought a year could fly by so quickly. My little baby is no longer either of those things. He is my chubby toddler(always a baby in my eyes though)
We had a little monster themed birthday for him with family and a couple of friends.
I attempted making A a monster cake that I found on Pinterest(course). It seemed simple enough.
It . Was. A. Disaster!!
I ended up having to run out and try to grab a cake from a bakery.
I n which I got ridiculously lucky. I found an mini monster cake at Target(love that store,could I just live there already?) It was the wrong colors but in that moment I didn't even care!

A seemed to have a great time and was super dainty at eating his cake which surprised me. The boy loves food.
Don't let those last couple of picures fool you. A food fight broke out(I won't name any names here... cough cough.. you know who you are) and A turned into our innocent bystander. He of course loved it-even in his hair!
A bath was had
Presents were opened
Cousins were sweet about "testing" out his loot for him
and a happy sleeping 1 yr old was the end result.



Jenny said...

How fun! Yes, birthday parties are a lot of work! I love the pictures and it looks like a great time.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog:) Love the cake smash pics - how adorable!! xo