Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday thank you's

Thank you:

To the one I love for having the desire to go out and serve your country and better our lives in the long run.I miss you mucho!!

To Baby A for keeping me company during the lonely nights. I may be eating my words later but I love having you as my snuggle buddy at 1 am.

To my In-Laws for taking extra special care of us.

To our dear friends who put together a little farewell party for LB. It was wonderful.

                     ( image-before LB left for Basic in Texas)

To our awesome pediatrician who can prescribe medication to Baby A when he has a duel ear infection.(he is feeling much better)

To our Heavenly Father who is constantly watching out for us. Knowing exactly what we need. EX: Yesterday I just needed a little time spent with some lovely sisters of mine.

To one of my dear friends who took the time out of her busy day to call me to see how I was doing on my first official day as a "single mom"

And for those curious, I have made it successfully through day 2 and am on day 3 without crying! (yes I am keeping track)


Aonika Russell said...

Bird! I love you - I love watching your family grow, and reading your blob and learning about Mr. A - let me know if you ever just want to do nothing. I'll keep you company, and not in that creepy way either.

Mamasita said...

Wow! You are incredible sweetie! Keep on hanging in there, and know that people out there are praying for your strength! Not that crying is bad, sometimes it's a MUST! :)
Much love from this mama to you,
Maggie H.

Christine said...

aww... little ones make can make the best snuggle buddies when you're feeling lonely and don't even worry about getting him to stay in his own bed later. It'll all work out. Good luck to you and your hubs! and sometimes a good cry is what you really need.

Mrs. Mama said...

beautiful picture!!