Friday, February 17, 2012

20 min

{My apologizes that while trying to cure your boredom,you are still bored after reading this latest post. }

Is the amount of time I got to speak to my sweat heart today. Seriously so perfect.
My heart dropped  momentarily into my bum when I thought that I had missed an unexpected phone call from The Hubs. I could not believe my luck when I ended up being able to talk to him for 20 min while my  family went into Costco to buy dinner. {never shop when you are hungry-you WILL leave with the store in your cart}
The Vow followed by 20 min of bliss, followed by time with my sweet Baby A whilst eating some yummy pizza. I would chalk that up to be a pretty good day.


Aonika Russell said...

I am so glad that you got to talk to your sweetie pie today! :) I am sure that you miss him... HUGS! A2

SassAFrass said...

Love you Aonika! You are super!

meg said...

I need to hear about the flight. HOW did you keep him occupied for three hours?

And yes. A day that has Costco, cheesy romantic movie AND a conversation with your one and only is a VERY good day.

SassAFrass said...

Oh Megan, the flight was better then I was imagining it would go in my head. ( I had been picturing the worst) Baby Signing time saved my life,along with a nice older couple who were on their way to see their first grand baby. I was so happy I had spent the money on a dvd player so he could watch his "shows' it was the only time he was calm and didn't have 20 hands on everything. But he was happy the whole time(def didn't sleep though)

Kelli Anderson said...

ahhhh that's sooo special!!! i feel the same way about my husband. any time with him is fabulous.