Monday, February 13, 2012

25 min

That's how long I got to talk to Mr. Husband yesterday.
{insert joyful singing by songbird here}
We are on week 3 with only 6 more to go.


In other news,Baby A has been working on perfecting The Tantrum.
Oh Joy.
Sometimes it sounds like a Pterodactyl.  I thought they were extinct. But he seems to have the pitch DOWN.
I know what you are thinking....
Lucky me. I am. I really am.


meg said...

Oh my goodness Sayward. I am so indebted to you and your lovely husband for all you are going through right now. I freak out when Riley is gone for a week...six is just basically beyond me. Keeping you guys in our prayers!

ps. yes! The tantrums...oh and it will just get so much worse! But also. So much funnier. Seriously, kids give mom's the best comedic material...generally mid-scream.

meg said...

Wait...9 weeks! Not six. I can read. I swear.

SassAFrass said...

Megan you are totally sweet! Its def hard and I hate that he is gone( we have not been apart this long ever). Its a big adjustment thats for sure. I don't recommend being a single mom to anyone. :)

I love when the screams start out as just silence but you can see in their faces that its about to get loud! Kills me everytime.

Mamasita said...

holy tantrums batman!!!!! they are loud and can be hard on the ears! Sorry :(
SOOOOOO glad you got to talk to your hubby!!!! YAAAAAAAY!
Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

25 minutes! That's pretty good! I'm really surprised that you got that long. This period is hard, but it's not only training for him, but training for you too. Sort of a crash course in being a military wife and mom and all that comes with it. Toughens you up and will strengthen your marital relationship for sure! Hang in there.