Monday, February 27, 2012

A letter kind of day

Lover boy letters
Letters to LB
We are on week 5 folks!
I promise soon these posting will stop... eventually. I just miss him. The empty pillow next to me is getting old. He's only been gone a month and it feels like a lifetime. I must really love him huh?
The one(and probably only bonus) is that I get to write and receive letters to and from LB. Yes actual letters. Not texts, or email. Real letters. Keepers. Can I just share with you that I love having something physical in my hand that I can read over and over again from LB that expresses his love and thoughts to me. Seeing his scribble script. Words crossed out,misspellings,drawings and all the other little things that make it from him.(he's not alone in that, I am awful at spelling as well as various other things)Something that I know we will still cherish when we're 80.


Melissa Knott said...

This is so so sweet!!

Side note: did you ever receive your necklace?

erica said...

kinda like the notebook! even though it's hard you are doing a great job keeping your love strong. proud of you little wifey! hang in there, it won't be forever!

LoJo said...

OK, I love YOUR blog! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, today! They made me smile. I love meeting blogging friends! So glad, because now I can follow you!!