Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snippet of pictures(California Edition)

(Pajamas are totally acceptable on the beach before 10 am)

(this might be the chubbiest baby face on the planet)

 (this one is perhaps my favorite)

A great trip,followed by some awesome pictures.All photos(like always) were taken by my super-talented sister-in-law(featured to the right). Aren't her pictures gorgeous. She knows how to capture some amazing moments and details.
Makes me want to drive that all-nighter trip again and wake up to the beach so I can proceed to attempt cartwheels in the sand. Watch my hunky hub enjoy the freezing pacific ocean waves. Observe my child trying to eat the sand every time he thinks I am not looking:
"I see you behind my sunglasses little one"
Laugh at my nieces again when they try to "run" from the waves only to be gobbled up-which proceeds in more laughter as their faces go from shock, to uncontrollable tears.

Except next time-I am wearing my swimsuit the whole time. Or at least some sort of suit cover-up. That could work.

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erica said...

Oh man I'm IN LOVE with all of these pictures! So great to have sweet candids of your vacay! I need a photog to follow me around everywhere Kash and I can go! Love the one of you and Ascher!