Monday, March 19, 2012

9 days and counting down!

(photo taken at Disneyland trip 2011)
9 days left till we get to be with the hubsters and Baby A's dad again! We are on our final countdown and I could not be more pleased. LB has completed BEAST week(which his squad won!) and I was treated to a 30 min phone call of happiness yesterday and another one today. Just hearing his voice makes my week! Hopefully these next few days will fly by and not drag on like I am dreading. We have lots to keep us busy though.
Learning new words and they're ac comping sign. So far Baby A can sign and say:
Dog(his personal favorite)
All done
and Eat.
He is such a smart cookie.
We have been taking lots of walks enjoying this random sunshine and warm weather in Utah. Kinda nuts but we are loving it. I think Baby A had cabin fever. Now he hates being inside for too long.He'll try to scurry out the door anytime it opens.
Play time with cousins has become a favorite. A  just loves other kids so much. During church on Sunday he'll always be on the look out for other kids to play with or at least walk over and stand near them while they play. He's definitely  not one of the shy ones.
Lots and lots of reading. Baby A likes to pick up books and bring them over to me. He'll put them on my lap and babble to me which I take for meaning,
"lets read this book now"
While visiting his grandparents in Chicago his Grammy(who is a Kindergarten teacher) showed him this learning website by Starfall. Lets just say the computer combined with music and cartoons is this little ones favorite!

So here's to a fast paced week!


Tarah Peacock said...

I'm excited for you to see your hubby! You almost there.

SassAFrass said...

Thanks Tarah! Can't wait. I can't wait to meet your baby!! I am going to just snuggle him and breath in his newborn-ness!