Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1800 Miles

We've made it! After 3 long months of waiting to be a family again, we finally are! I made the 1,800 mile and 32 hour journey successfully with the help of my radical mother-in-law, a puggle(who did MUCH better then expected.. didn't even have to drug him a drop) and a 15 month old who handled his car seat and 12 hour days pretty well. Although don't ask our sore boobs, they got the worst of the tantrums that were thrown. Only 1 scary car related event and I am happy to report that we are alive and well and am terribly grateful to the help of strangers at a rest stop.I am  so thrilled to finally be in Biloxi, MS despite the humidity and bugs. We are only about 2 miles from the beach and its gorgeous. Movers come tomorrow to unload all our stuff! Let our military adventures really begin.

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Aonika Russell said...

I AM SO AMAZED BY YOU! And proud of you... and, again, if you need me to send the "good ole' boys" down that way, let me know. :) I know everyone in that neck of the woods. LOVE YOU!