Monday, May 21, 2012

28th Birthday according to Instagram

We are currently without the Internet in our home.Which means I am resulting to extreme measures and actually using the advertised Free Wi-Fi in a McDonald's parking lot. Let the judgement begin. Or you could just send us $50 bucks a month. I will totally accept that.

The 28th birthday has come and gone. I feel older, not so much wiser. But I have big hopes for 50! I was able to spend the day with my 2 personal favorites.It was overall a pretty lazy and uneventful day. But the Air force did hold the Special Olympics here in my honor. Not really.
We ate  a lot of food and watched some movies(Correction: I watched them. The men folk all slept)
But LB was there for it, and that's all the really matters in the end.
Love that man. Wouldn't be in Mississippi if I didn't!

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Holly said...

OMG! That reminds me of when we used to drive around in hopes that we could pick up an unlocked wireless signal when we lived downtown! Raccoons, no internet, no cable, haha pretty much no heat either... how unbelievable were we!