Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sandy pants

Living on the Gulf Coast definitely has its perks. One being that we live so close to the beach.(I am in heaven) A few weeks back we decided to venture out  of Mississippi and drive over to Pensacola Florida which is a scenic and lovely 2 hour drive from Biloxi. People had been raving about it 'round these parts so we knew if we were true ocean lovers then we needed to experience it for ourselves. We were not disappointed. Whites sands,water so clear you can see the bottom and the fish swimming around at your feet(squirm!) We even found a jellyfish. Thankfully the non-stinging kind,because I was not mentally prepared to pee on myself or anyone else.
High-fives all around for having a perfect little water baby. (We think he may even be part fish) Toddler A was in heaven and kept begging to go back out every time we tried to come back in to play on the sand. We drove home with sandy bums, salty skin and red cheeks. Thats what I call a successful beach day!


erica said...

Dang that looks like a super nice beach! That's awesome that it's close enough to drive to! I love that Baby A's name has now upgraded to Toddler A! He's getting so big!!!

Meg said...

hahaha, "I was not mentally prepared to pee on myself or anyone else."

I love you Sayward!