Monday, June 11, 2012

Mississippi challenged

June 1st was the marked day of the hurricane season for us down here in the deep South. Which would result in a small amount of terror for me since I have never even seen a hurricane other then  The Weather Channel. And an emergency backpack full of, ya know,emergency typed stuff.
It rained for 3 days straight down here over the weekend. And when I mean straight that is what I mean.Its not a swamp region for no reason ya know. I actually like storms.Especially at night. But this is not what I am used to.
On our way home from church yesterday I saw some kids out in their front yard running around in swim suits and with the hose on full blast squirting each other. Half way through my first thought of how white-trash and possibly poor parenting that might be.... I then thought how awesome and what a great idea it actually was. Yes it looked strange. But when it seems to rain down here in the South its not cold rain and it doesn't get chilly outside. Its warm,wet and humid. And after 3 days of being couped up in a house I would be the first mom to shove my kids out the door to tell them to go outside and play out in the rain. Why not right?
Most Creative Parent award goes to that mom(or dad). Consider your idea stolen and mentally jotted down.
In Baby/Toddler A news: He is as chubby as ever and his cheeks are still his prize winning feature. Love those little marshmallow filled cheeks. He is about 31 lbs and my right arm is buff to prove it. He loves to watch Finding Nemo,Shrek and Happy Feet(random right?) plus Sesame Street and Baby Signing time. The looks of disapproval from you fellow moms you can keep. He laughs and smiles at all the good parts and it helps me out a lot when I have dinner to make or laundry to fold.
( pictures taken at an authentic Mississippi pizza joint on my birthday)

Till next time....


erica said...

Lovin that rainbow shot! Oh the dirty south sounds so fun :) If you guys were staying longer I would love to come and visit!!!

Tarah Peacock said...

Hope you don't have to deal with a hurricane!

oh and P.S baby A and Sawyer (who will be 4 in a month) are only a few pounds difference in weight! LOL.

SassAFrass said...

knew you would like that rainbow girl.
H urricanes and rainy weather sound fun to ya huh E? that made me laugh but I would never say no to visitors.

SassAFrass said...

fingers crossed! are you kidding me? my son is a little porker! lol