Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love thee Utah

The past few days we have had the joyous opportunity to be back in good ol' Ut and spend time with LOTS of family. It was an unexpected visit but so wonderful that it landed on a holiday week. We were also so happy that the AF gave LB permission to leave the state since he is still in Tech School. During our visit my Mother-in-law decided she wanted some updated family pictures since her most recent were about 3 kids short and minus myself. (future Christmas card? I am thinking yes) We took pictures on Lover Boys family farm and by some of these pictures you can tell we had much too much fun. Check our brilliant photographer here(if you want,but trust me your going to want)We jet off tonight to head back to our current home of Mississippi. I have to admit its going to be real hard to get back on that plane. And not just because of the 4 hour flight. We have missed Utah a lot more then I think all of us realized. We love our adventures in the South but nothing beats family.
Hope you all had a magnificent 4th of July!

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