Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 2

By Day 2:
 Its safe to say boredom and cabin fever were starting to kick in. Especially for Toddler A and Rhett. Toddler A would randomly exclaim "Outside?Outside?" and walk over to the door with Rhett in hot pursuit. We had to keep telling them that it was raining outside and it wasn't time to go outside and play yet. He settled for some lego time instead.
On Day 2 Hurricane Isaac was a lot more stormy and pouring rain,as well as several tornado warnings that had us hunkered down in our downstairs bathroom for 30 minutes at a time. Which of course Rhett hated and Toddler A loved. I think he thought it was pretty neat that we would leave the lights out and let him hold the flashlight while we did hand puppets for him.And like in true kid fashion he enjoyed being up past his normal bedtime or us going in to wake him up in the middle of the night when our tornado alarm would go off. He just thought it was some fun game and woke up chatting with a smile on his face.
We fared well for our 1st hurricane experience and I count my blessings that it was not any worse for us and we were able to stay in our home with power the whole time.I could only handle being without a shower for so long. Thank you to all the posts,phone calls and texts about our safety.They were deeply appreciated and we felt the love.  I know that Louisiana got it much worse then we did and our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by Hurricane Isaac.

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