Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Isaac- Day 1

Funny thing about hurricanes, they don't look like they are happening till they are actually happening. We woke up to a beautiful blue sky and even hit the beach to snap a few photos and check out the ocean to see if the tide looked any higher. By midday  it was gray and starting to sprinkle lightly. But nothing compared to the storm we thought we were going to have that first day and even night. Luckily Mr. LB was able to spend all this time at home with us. Originally he was supposed to be on base with his squad-glad that idea was squashed. So in true mini "vacation" status we watched too many movies, ate too much junk food and napped when Toddler A napped. Doesn't sound like a normal hurricane does it?
Ya to us either.
We had filled up our tubs and had prepared enough supplies and food for the likely hood that our power would go out at some point.
It didn't.
We feel pretty blessed on that account. We know that was not the case for a good portion of other people down here in the South.
Day 2 post  to come tomorrow.

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