Monday, August 27, 2012

Prepping for "The Man" Isaac

(Issac sky over in Florida)

Preparing for a hurricane is like preparing for a massive party at your house that you didn't know you were hosting till days before(that involves gas,flashlights and water instead of  bubbly). In an effort to document our time spent here in Mississippi and keep our  family and friends updated on our status. I am essentially killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
There are a lot of advantages to be in the Military. Specifically the Air Force. This being one of them. 
We are constantly informed and being sent emails and updates and texts and phones calls from people in "power" letting their people know the on-going weather situation.It also doesn't hurt when the man of the house is currently in school for weather.(that part of him is loving this)
The Update: 
We feel super prepared. The weather here is actually sunny with almost not a cloud in the sky. The calm before the storm I guess. Although the water levels are rising.
 Its currently still a tropical storm but the Gulf Coast is on hurricane watch and they are expecting it to turn
 into a hurricane Tues night. Likely a CAT 1 possibly a CAT 2. Its geared to hit New Orleans right now but we will see some of the affects in Biloxi. News reports have said we might be getting up to 21" of rain. A voluntary evacuation has been sent out by our base commander(we are choosing not to go till it is mandatory)
We have been warned that Mississippi power will turn off the power to the homes if winds reach over 50 knt. I am preparing for that  possibility by filling up our tubs and sinks with water tonight so we can still "flush" our toilets and take sponge bathes if necessary.
I just re-read everything I wrote. I might be making it sound worse then what it is. I am not that worried. We have an evacuation plan if it comes to that and there is a shelter on base we can go to(also if it comes to that) Right now we are planning and preparing to just stay in our house which I prefer.Based on what they are predicting, Biloxi will likely just experience a lot of rain,winds and thunderstorms for a few days.
That being said,we might be without power for a few days(just like camping right?) so I will try to keep people posted.
Three cheers for dirty underwear and jugs of water!  Plus lots and lots of movies!


Candice said...

I'm so glad you guys feel prepared!!! I was wondering how you two were doing - I saw the weather channel this morning and was wondering if the hurricane would get close to Biloxi. At least you guys will have a flushing toilet! {I always wonder if people think about this when a hurricane is about to come?} Hope you guys stay safe!

Melissa Knott said...

Stay safe!! I wish I could say more or be of more use... but I am in MN and have never experienced it so all I can say is be careful!!