Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ship Island

Our professional photo opp before hitting the ferry for Ship Island with my parents. Good thing it was before and not after. We were one pink, sweaty, crazy mess! Seriously. Check out our stuff. We look like pack mules.
Toddler A could not even be bothered to put down his bottle to take 1 picture. In case you were wondering we ARE  working on getting rid of the bottles but he is pretty stubborn when it comes to it. He was never into pacifiers, this apparently was his replacement for that. Its been a slow process but we will get there. I am sure of it. We don't want him to be THAT kid come Kindergarten.

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Jenny said...

It is hard to break your kids of those kinds of things. I've had two thumbsuckers, one that has been sober since five and one that will be turning five soon, so I get to figure out how to get her to stop (yea). And Jamen is a pacifier boy, though if I usually try to get it from him as soon as he wakes up and keep it until he's going to sleep again. I dread when I have to take it away for good, especially when we go to church!