Friday, August 3, 2012


                                                              Dolphin watching from the ferry
                                                                         Ship Island


We love when people come to visit us. Makes us feel like we are the ones on vacation and gives us an excuse to try out new things and have adventures down  here in Biloxi!  Our second set of visitors were my parents this time. We were able to take the ferry out to Ship Island and spend the day floating ,swimming and relaxing for the day out there. Ate some authentic southern BBQ AND seafood(we bought fresh with HEADS still attached) We took them on a legit swamp tour called Honey Island Swamp Tours, which is a MUST down here in the South. You might even have the random pleasure of celeb spotting while you are also crocodile watching.(TOTALLY happened!)This was the 2nd time Toddler A and I had done this tour we liked it so much. Its possible we are even well on our way to becoming BFF with all the tour guides who work the boats. Or at least Toddler A is.
Mr. Lover Boy and I were able to have a much needed date night thanks to our built in baby-sitters.(that could be my favorite part of  family visitors) OOO-da-la-lee!!
We were very sad to see them go and can't believe this marks only a few more months left before we head to our next base.  3 months to be exact. Biloxi,Mississippi has started to weirdly grow on us. Aside from the sweaty humidity and freak weather storms  its actually been pretty fun and I know I will be sad to say good-bye to the beaches and BBQ. But I am sure my waist line will thank me.

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erica said...

Oh man I'm seriously so jealous! Looks like your parents had a great time and for some reason I would love to see this part of the country and of course have you as my tour guide. I can't believe you only have 3 months left, what bad timing...sad to think I probably won't make it down there. But I love reading your fun southern adventures!