Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nana & Papa (our last visitors in MS)

Our last set of visitors cames to see us last week. Which was a little strange to think about. Our time here is almost up. The next big thing on the list will be moving .
We had our list of activities in mind that we wanted to take them to so Mr.LB's dad could get a real feel of the South since this was to be my mother-in-laws 3rd visit(I guess you could conclude that she loves the South?)

*BBQ dinner at The Shed-Check
*Matt's squad soccer game so they could properly appreciate the humidity of the South-Check
*Authentic gulf shrimp dinner purchased off the back of a shrimp boat-Double check
*Try a bowl of gumbo-Icky check
*Southern rain storm with lighting that hit so close and hard it bounced a picture frame off the wall? Check
*See New Orleans. Check(Which we saw in traffic. We have attempted to go there a few times since living here and this last time we decided its not worth the drive,bracing the humidity or the hype)
*Ocean fishing-Check

Unfortunately some of our bigger Southern plans fell through. Like our favorite, the Honey Swamp Tour. And dang hurricane Issac still has most of the beaches in the area on shut down.
Sir Issac your killin' us here!
My fingers are crossed that we can make it over to our favorite beach in Florida one last time before we move away.
Thanks for visiting Papa & Nana!

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Anonymous said...

Nana loves the south because of the people she gets to visit!