Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The next adventure

A few weeks back we found out where our next adventure takes us.
To the desert and dry heat of Arizona.Specifically the Davis-Monthan AFB(say that 4 times fast-people will think you have a sexy lisp)
 That's right,we are exchanging the humidity of Mississippi for the dry heat(which we prefer).  
Mississippi has been to good my little family. Its been so fun to see another part of this great country of ours and experience a different way  of life that we would likely not  get a chance to see  normally. As far as first bases go I think we lucked out with Keesler, AFB . We had heard several great things about it and I am happy to report it lived up to all the positive hype. Even most of the seafood that we have been actually willing to venture out and try(minus Gumbo,not sure I can get on board with that dish)has been fun! This coming from a couple not big into fish or things of the sea. Mr. LB and I actually talk about how we'll miss it and would have been okay if this had been a base we were at for longer or if we ended up back here for longer later on in life.(that being if Mr.LB decided to make a career out of the Military and they sent us back here) If not I can say that Biloxi, MS stole a little part of my heart. We have 6 more weeks here and we'll be making the most of the them!



Tarah Peacock said...

Arizona is closer, I like that! I'm glad MS has been good so far for your guys.

Jenny said...

How exciting! You'll be near the AZ Trimble clan (only 2 hours). I have a lot of friends in Tucson too that love it. Best of luck with the move!

SassAFrass said...

We are excited to live closer to UT(only a days drive or a short flight) and Matt is excited to live near the AZ cousins too! All good things. Best part is we'll be there for 2 years instead of just a few months.