Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Pumpkins,strobe lights,spooky music,spider-webs and the one time of  year you can dress up as whom ever or whatever you want makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays. Especially with this little man. 
Can you tell we might love The Office a little. 
Well actually, a lot.
Doesn't Toddler A make the best Dwight? We figured we had to force dress him up as him now while he still chubby enough to pull it off and wouldn't fight us on the idea.
It all came together pretty well and Toddler A got a lot of adult appreciation at our church Trunk or Treat. He got as much candy as any little guy his height and age could handle. (Which of course Mr. LB and I are happy to help him eat)Although I know he didn't care so much about the candy as he did trying to run around the parking lot and saying 
"Cheese"  anytime I pulled out my camera to take his picture. Smarty pants.


Shurtliff Family said...

Guess what... I didn't have to email you, just googled you! Adorable blog Sayward! LOVE IT! Yay, we'll keep in touch!

Tarah Peacock said...

I love it! He looks awesome!

erica said...

Still best costume ever!!! I love his sassy lips in the shot with Matt! And what are you talking about, you look great with your pretty long locks! Miss you girl!