Monday, December 3, 2012

If pictures could talk for me

Whew ,what a month its been. We've had an extremely busy past 30 days, let me tell you.
Between packing up our house ,saying good-bye to Biloxi,MS and moving back across the country to  putting our stuff in storage in Arizona  and then immediately heading up to our loving state of Utah, its been a whirlwind.  Mr .LB got about a month of leave (with some military recruiters assistance in there as well) so we got a lot of desired family time and cousin play time in. As well as some snow! I was pretty excited for Toddler A about that since we are now residing in the desert where there is, well, no snow.
We are finally in Tucson getting settled and very slowly getting unpacked.
I could sit here and write about our past month but I am currently in too far of a lazy mood to actually do that. So I will let some random pictures do the story telling for me.

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erica said...

Aww for some reason seeing Ascher with his gators makes me a little sad that you had to leave the south!! But I'm sure you will love your new home too! I love the last pic with Matt and Asch on the horse with the perfect Wasatch Mountains behind them...beautiful!