Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Rad 2 Year Old

My sweet baby boy turned 2 last week! I can't believe it. Has it really been 2 years since he was placed into my arms and I inhaled his sweet newborn smell? He has grown from my cuddly little baby to my cuddly,rad 2 year old. Seriously, this kid is the coolest. Mr LB and I laugh everyday at this crazy ones antics and the things he gets in to. Yes, some days I want to pull out my hair when I find my hair brush in the toliet and my clothes pulled out of all my drawers. Or  when he runs the other way when I tell him its time to change his poopy diaper.But my heart melts everytime he flashes me a grin or reaches up his arms and asks for a hug and a kiss. 
K , I better stop. The tears are already starting to swell.
We kept it simple this year since we have no family or friends here in Tucson yet. So I spent the day with my guy and took him to the Tucson Childrens Museum. It was perfect. We went a little later in the day(you know this pregnant lady needed a nap first) so it was pretty empty and Toddler A was able to play in each room to his heart's content without having to share anything. You could only guess that we were in their train room for the longest amount of time.
He loved saying "All aboard!" and "Choo-choo!"
When we got home Mr LB had gotten home from work and had decided that Ascher needed some fish for his birthday. So we came home to a fish tank and a red beta that unfortunatly still has no name. I secretly think Mr LB bought it more for him then for Ascher. That man loves fish.
Toddler A was spoiled by all our family and friends with all their sweet and thoughtful gifts. I think Toddler A is finally getting the idea of what "presents" means so he was pretty excited everytime he got to open another one.
We finished off the night with some ice-cream cake that I believe A found delicious but a little too cold on his hands.
Happy Birthday little man! Mom and Dad love you a ridiculous amount and can't wait to see you as a big brother.

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Tarah Peacock said...

I can't believe he's two, I remember when he was a little baby. It goes by fast!