Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Tucson-its famous you know

Okay so maybe it being famous isn't that common of knowledge or possibly even that cool. I mean its actually called The New Old Tucson because there was a fire back in the 90's that burned a bunch of the original buildings down. This is what I love about living in all these new places. All the exporing and finding out interesting things about the area. Tucson has been no exception. Who knew we had a cool movie set so close to us? The day we chose to go ended up actually being pretty chilly(like 40 degrees)We "bundled" up and hit the town. Riding on a train (Toddler A's passion),drove cars (another passion of A's),rode some plastic horses,were part of their "hit" comedy/ action show,rode in a stage coach and well just did some general exploring till my feet were too swollen in my chucks to do anymore. Plus you know this prego gets winded quickly.

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BrockandBonnieRiley said...

Just saw your announcement, congratulations! I started laughing when I saw it, you're in for an adventure! You'll do great. Good luck with everything. Sure miss you.

When you come to Utah we'll have to get our little ones together.