Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We're in trouble

A few weeks back we found out  what our surprise twins were! Yep, another surprise! We are still still trying to wrap our minds around welcoming 2 little ladies into our house of trucks,dirt,trains and rocks. As Mr. LB pointed out that is 2 proms, 2 weddings etc.
The idea of babies being in mommies tummy is still a little too much for Toddler A to grasp but he does like to point to my very large stomach and say"babies".  I am currently 23 weeks along and feeling larger everyday. This pregnancy has been 100% different then my first.Good with the  bad. I can't deny the hardest part for me is seeing how large I already am and know its only going to get worse better. As some friends like to point out, its a good thing I was blessed with an extra long torso to carry these two,otherwise this pregnancy would be that much harder.
Onto the fun part:
 Trying to figure out names and searching the girls sections at department stores.
This life is turning out to be quite the adventure.


Kristen said...

The good news is you get to do a really cute nursery all girly. I have to tell you that I am just grinning for the two of you. The girl clothes are just so MUCH FUN!!

Shurtliff Family said...

Oh my, 'in trouble' is quite the understatement!!! The pocket book will go much quicker... ;) Bring in the sugar and spice for sure! So happy for you guys! And can we get a baby bump picture already!? ;)