Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A trial

To say that these past 5 weeks have been less then stressful would be an understatement. Towards the end of January our little Toddler A started to get some pretty high fevers for days in a row along with a spreading rash,swelling,vomiting as well as becoming lethargic and dehydrated . 5/6 frustrating ER visits later he was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and Aseptic Meningitis.We spent about a 1 1/2  weeks in the ICU trying to get our little guy better with doctors,specialists and nurses working hard on his case. In total we spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital. During that period of time and since we have felt the outpouring of love, prayers and blessings that have been on our families behalf. Especially Toddler A's. His recovery was not overnight nor was it easy for him. He went through a lot of pain and A LOT of testing to help determine his condition which in itself is even more rare then general Kawasaki(which is still not 100%). He has gone through more then I think I have my entire life. Toddler A is so blessed to have 2 Grandma's who love him so much that they both made the trip out to AZ to help us and to be near him during this trial. I could never thank them enough. They were a great comfort to Mr. LB and I. 
During those late nights and hospital stays I felt such a humbling in my life. Realizing how little control I have over my life or my children's. I had to battle to stay positive some days and had to hold back completely falling apart some moments. I would have given anything to take away my child's pain and suffering in all those moments and I kept feeling like I was just catching a glimpse of what our Savior and Heavenly Father must feel for each of us. It angered me that my little 2 year old would have to deal with such a large trial so early in his life but kept thinking that maybe this trial was more for  his parents then for him.In spite of it all I could not help but also notice the very many blessings and miracles that were going on around us. Including being in the military. Originally we thought we were guided to the Air Force for Mr. LB so that he could extend his education,we realized that was not the only reason. If we hadn't been in the military with our type of insurance we would have been greatly stressing about the cost of Toddler A's care along with him. Which is not how it should be. I would have hated to have to think about cost in the back of my mind while worrying about my son.
Since our original hospital stay Toddler A has had a couple flare ups and several follow up visits with specialist (that will not be ending anytime in the near future) His and our trial is yet to be over but I am so full of love and appreciation for  all of the people that have come into our lives through this  experience. I am so glad to have my happy,energetic 2 year old back-even with tantrums! I cannot describe the feeling I have to see him playing with his toys or walking faster and faster everyday(he couldn't walk for about a week after it happened)
We are savoring the sweet moments with our little man, while its just him and us. We are excited to for our girls to join our family but are content to just enjoy our little family for now.

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Shurtliff Family said...

Poor little guy! I cannot imagine for his age what he has been through!! I hope he doesn't remember any of it. What a little trooper! Sorry to hear about all of this going on. I hope he'll do better now that you have some answers. Life surly has some curve balls, but there's so much joy to be found too! ;)