Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kissable cheeks!

This boy of mine is growing too fast for me. Everyday he has new things to say and do. He is getting so big and is really a toddler way more then my little baby boy these days. (although if you look at those cheeks of his, it could trick you)  He is OBSESSED with trains, cars and the like. Best way to describe him? All boy!!
I am not going to lie I am going to miss it just being him and I everyday. Palling around and doing what we please.  He is pretty rad and keeps me laughing and entertained all day long. My favorite part about him is the fact that he is such a little sweet heart and love by nature. He is always wanting hugs and kisses. Oh and I did I mention he is an awesome napper and sleeper still? That's right! We even moved him to a big boy bed (a full sized bed) and I was petrified that I would lose my napper and have an awful time getting him to stay in his bed at night. My fears were put to "sleep" the first night. He adapted and made the change in a night. No issues.Pretty amazing right?
I am trying to get as much one-on-one time with my buddy before that all disappears and he'll have to share time and attention with two other little people. I really lucked out with my first born. He was a great baby and is now a wonderful toddler.(minus the tantrum days of course)
Love you A-Man!!

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erica said...

He's the best! Good idea to soak up every last minute of alone time you have with him now :) And glad he transitioned to the big boy bed just fine! Way to go Asch!