Thursday, April 18, 2013

Having a "litter" is hard work

This pregnancy has been different in every way. Probably due to the fact that I am having twins AND I just so happen to have a very busy toddler to keep track of. We spend many a days watching way too much PBS (hey at least its some what educational) so that I can just lay on the couch and catch a couple ZZZ's. I have reached that heavily uncomfortable stage where I only sleep a few hours a night at best. You can typically find me eating or sleeping. Sad right? I am not a good example of a pregnant lady. I don't dress cute everyday(actually you are lucky to catch me dressed with makeup on) , I don't go for walks on a daily basis and I really don't even drink as much water as I should. Despite all that, the ladies seem to be doing very well in my freakishly long torso. Its almost like my body was made to have twins. We went to my monthly ultrasound appointment yesterday and both the girls are weighing in at 4 lb each. Thats 8 lbs of baby at 31 weeks. (uggg) Pretty sure this was what I looked like and my weight when I had Toddler A.While I am thrilled they are doing awesome... I still have at LEAST 5 weeks left. Could we say 12 lb of baby in this belly!!  
I have begun my pathetically sad version of nesting and I think I am starting to feel slightly more comfortable with getting these ladies here. Although I am sure after a week I will wish I was still carrying them inside my big old belly. I am not immune to the fact that they are going to be ALOT of work. If I thought 1 newborn was hard.... 
That said, I do feel very blessed and excited to welcome 2 new little spirits and personalities into our home.


Julia Sanders said...

So cute! I need to come see you guys again!

Shurtliff Family said...

Oh my gosh Sayward! I can't for a minute see you as a "not cute" pregnant woman. Even when you were dying of nausea, packing, running around like a mad woman, cutting your foot with glass, you still looked adorable. Cause you are you! ;)

12 pounds of belly really puts things into perspective though... I wish I could help and cuddle them when they come! Cause zz's are so critical then to just surviving. You should teach A how to give you a back scratch. My girls totally know how. Haha. Ahh! Can't wait to see them!!!

Tawni Platt said...

I'm so excited to see these beautiful ladies! I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are with TWINS, but you make it look good :)

beth said...

Hi Sayward! Hey I just watched your beautiful wedding video- do you know the name/singer who sang the background song? I loved the video so much and the song was "perfect"!

beth @