Sunday, September 8, 2013

3 months

Where is the time going? I swear I was just in the hospital having them. Although, I still feel that way about Ascher and he is almost 3. Piper and Sage are growing like weeds-and by that I mean fat weeds. I love my chunky babies so much! While I am not at a loss for new challenges just about everyday between keeping these two ladies happy and kickin' as well as keeping my crazy  busy toddler entertained I can't complain too much. We recently took a trip back to Utah to visit friends and family and they decided to throw me a delightful treat of sleeping through the night once we got there. I think they are voting that our family ends back up there. Message received young ones.With each month they are starting to look more different and develop little signs of a personality.I love seeing the changes they each make and the milestones.
6 fun facts about my ladies
1)Love,Love to eat-if it wasn't obvious by their jelly rolls
2)Smiling fools-especially with their Daddy
3)They both prefer to sleep on their bellies
4)They each have a slight red tint in their hair(although the roots are looking blonde) and blue eyes(which I do think they will keep)
5)they have found their voices and love to "talk" to us
6) Both have whats called a Stork Bite on the back of their necks which is similar to a birth mark. I adore that they both have this because regardless of how different they may end up looking and being they will always have that in common.
1) Is my little diddo. She looks just like I did as a baby. Even down to her little scowl and cocked eyebrows
2)Still has her Angel's Kiss on her left eye from when she was born but it is starting to fade
3)Is my slightly more contented baby. She is generally a little more laid back then her counter-part Sage
4)Has hound dog cheeks
5) Easy to smile

1) Has chip-monk cheeks
2) Is my little chatty baby. She LOVES being talked to and its easy to get her going.
3)Is harder to coax a smile out of. Except for her Daddy, she loves him. As he likes to put it-"she must know I hold the money"
4) Is a little more demanding then Piper in terms of what she wants and when. But even when she is crying she tries so hard to smile and still be happy.
5)Has a set of full baby lips


Shurtliff Family said...

I can't get over these pictures! Their chubby deliciousness with the white overstuffed chair is just the right touch of perfection! They are seriously the CUTEST THINGS EVER!! Such pretty little dolls! I want to squish and pinch their goodness! Hope you are tackling the energetic one and the little feminine queens well! And by well I mean, you taking it easy. Clean houses, dishes and make-up is WAY over-rated anyway. Kick-up your feet a little more! :)

cablotter said...

Love your blog posts Saydie! Makes me so proud of the young (or not so...) woman you are!
Motherhood is a wonderful gift that Heavenly Father gave to us. I am grateful for it each day I see my children and GRAND children.
Love & Miss you!