Friday, September 20, 2013

Worn ragged

We are a busy household most days over here. I rely heavily on naps and TV shows to get me through the day.(for me as much as for them) People like to ask me how life is with twins.Or when I venture out and hit the grocery store with all 3 kids(yes, I have tired that a handful of times and ALWAYS regret it)  I get some sympathetic looks and comments. Usually addressing my tired appearance-guessing at the lack of sleep I get each night.
Well folks, I actually have been getting a full nights sleep over here as of late. But see this adorable little toddler?  He would be the main reason for my tired,vacant expressions. To say he keeps me on my toes would be an understatement.  He is always busy and his little creative mind is always working. I laugh hard and scold hard with this little guy. He is hilariously  full of lots of attitude and independence as well as creativity and sweetness. Everyday brings new challenges with him and he tries my patience but I could not love him more. He is all boy. He is quick to tell me he is sorry and loves to shower his family with hugs and kisses. He enjoys reading and learning and is hardcore about his love for trains. He loves riding 4 wheeler s and things that go fast.
He has grown up so much and I constantly wonder where my baby boy went. Here is to more crazy adventures with this guy.

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