Thursday, August 28, 2014

1 year pictures

These are completely belated but I thought I would share a couple pictures of my little ladies that I took on their 1st birthday. It was completely stressful to do alone and heaven bless the real and professional baby/kid photographers out there. I now know why you are so expensive. We are loving these independent, sassy and lovely little ladies that have come into our family. I can't believe its already been year!!


Shurtliff Family said...

They are little doll faces! I am pretty sure, yup, definitely sure, I have yet to see cuter girl twins!!! Do you just pinch yourself everyday to remind yourself?! Haha. I bet you are minded as you try to keep up with them everyday. :)

I miss your posts, glad you posted! But hey, life gets crazy busy doesn't it! Hope you are loving life and smooching those A-man cheeks! Miss you guys!

Shurtliff Family said...

*I bet you are reminded