Monday, January 27, 2014

7 months & a 3 year old reside here

                         don't mind the purple boots-we had to borrow from Nana since we are not currently "snow people"

road-trippen to Utah and all 3 of kids did AMAZING-hence my face
                                                        This is what AZ kids play with outside

Life has been busy for us this past month(don't I say that every month though?). Between traveling to Utah for Christmas and getting the flu while there and  then traveling back home and celebrating our 3 year old's birthday-along with the rest of life's mumbo jumbo its been hard to get too much time to do anything not related to diapers,cleaning,tantrums and babies. Our ladies are 7 months old (actually almost 8 now) and we now have a crazy,wonderful,stubborn,loving,hilarious and imaginative 3 year old running around.
We love this boy of ours and he is the best big brother to the twins. He is always telling me to get them a bottle when they cry or to change their diaper. He loves to go into their room to greet them  in their cribs in the morning and covers them in slobbery He is taking his older brother duties pretty serious already. Pretty happy about that.
On top of that he has become such a great helper and has turned into quite the conversationist. He'll tell me to make cookies and to come down stairs to play trains with him.
These kids of ours have brightened our lives in every way.

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