Monday, August 25, 2008

True Blue Aggie

This past weekend my father Richard was in town which created a great long awaited excuse to drive up to Logan and hang out with family,friends,and lovers.

Holly and her RM (the girl Version)

Holly takes golf very seriously

Jared claims he won,we suspect he may have been cheating on the score board

I talked the winner into posing with the loser of putt-putt

The next day we hit up the Logan pool

This is right before Jer starting flailing.

I was also able to hang out with my dear wife Juli(thanks for sharing her Bryan) and see the Lotts and Jackie! To sum up, I miss Logan and wish my old life in college was still living. Can we all go back about 2 years?


erica said...

by lovers you mean Jared?!

BrockandBonnieRiley said...

Oh good 'ol Logan, isn't it the greatest? I'm glad we get to visit every once in a while for work. Cute blog!!

Anonymous said...

You are the STINKIN CUTE one!! ;) THANKS babe!! Hope you are doing well!!