Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guilty pleasure #2

I have finally finished the 4th and final- lust of all things vampire book,Breaking Dawn.I know you have all been done with it since Aug 3,but I just had to re-read the 3rd book to freshen my mind on all the Bella and Edward drama. Once updated,I took two days to read the book(I know it only took you one,but I really like to sleep.)
Not gonna, lie I love love and have probably never thought about vampires so much.
But unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the ending. For some reason, I was kinda hoping Bella and Edward would die.SHOCKER!! I know... I was just ready for their love fest to be officially over and maybe give their awkward magical baby a turn. But despite what you might think are negative thoughts about your favorite book of all time, since the Harry Potter series and your personal love of magic and fantasy... I did enjoy it. Here's to you Stephanie Meyers!

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t and e said...

oh yeah my sister in law talked me into start reading those books. i just finished the first book and now i have to go get the second one. i didn't think i would like them, but i actually loved the book. can't wait to read the second one, but it will be put on hold because we just got season 4 of the office. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!1