Friday, September 5, 2008

It must be September

I can't get enough of Logan these days, or at least my family can't. Amy and the Ruge were in town Labor day weekend so of course I was up for playing with the babe and mom. As well as catch up with a few friends that are back for the school year.Can't help but be a little jealous

Blowin some bubs with the Ruge

The water was freezing


Alan and Kristy said...

hey sayward. How are you doing? Well I am doing good. We live down in Murray now. Well maybe we will see you around or purposely run into each other.

erica said...

how come you never blew bubbles for me when I went to the pool with you? (sad face)

t and e said...

um you are pretty much crazy face. memeber our days at the sports academy, man were we cool! hahahahahahahahahahah love you!

Anonymous said...

Sayward! I just noticed that you put the Bell Jar as one of your facorite books!!!! Very good book. Can you send me your email and address? It seems I do not have an email address for you and the address I have is probably really old. Thanks.