Monday, November 29, 2010


Have you ever seen that show Alien? That's currently what carrying around this little guy feels like. I think he is running out of room in there. His cute little kicks and wiggles have now turned into full- on inside punching and belly rolls. I have had crazy spastic moments where I feel the need to grab my stomach to hold him in there!
You never know he may just try to emerge that way.
I have my next baby doctor appointment on the 6th and then from there move to once a week appointments. But get this, my doctor told me if I start having contractions 5-7 min apart within an hr that I could and should just go to labor and delivery!
Say what???
Yep, he could officially come and be fine. I think I am okay with him staying in there at LEAST until the end of December but it would be nice for the tax break.
I'm just sayin'

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