Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank You's

Thank you to Babies R Us who provides me with a special parking spot if I shop there-I wish other stores would follow your lead.

Thank you to the inventor of stretchy pants, I have come to rely on you when I don't want to wear anything.

Thank you to the "scout" at Walmart who asked me if I wanted to come in and take some model pictures and didn't realize I was 8 months prego till I stood up. Even though I know you just wanted my money, I was still flattered.

Thank you to Lover Boy who puts up with me leaving him at 1am to go out and sleep on the couch.

Thank you for warm baths,your one of the few places I can fully relax

Thank you to my sister for having 2 boys before me so that I can borrow her boys old baby clothes so I don't have to go bankrupt shopping for mine.

Thank you to modern medicine for helping put my crazy fears to rest and tell me that my babe is doing well and could come early and be healthy.

Thank you Lover Boy for allowing me to be able to work from home-I will love you forever for that one!

Thank you to our friends & family who have been so generous with us and given us awesome gifts for our little gentleman.

Thank you Walmart for finally getting our crib in stock with out damage

and finally.
Thank you Heavenly Father for entrusting this little life into our family!


erica said...

oh man you are talkin like this baby is coming soon! can't wait!

The Lotts said...

Walmart has crappy online shipping service but their prices beat everyone else! Good luck with your new little guy soon :)