Saturday, April 30, 2011

Senor Mono

Introducing the latest addition to our clan.
We have dubbed him Senor Mono(for those not so spanishly inclined-Mister Monkey).
Male(obviously) and weighing in at a questionable 1 ounce he is our Baby A's current bud.

The Easter Bunny dropped him off and Baby A was Oh-So happy to receive him. I know this because Baby A smiled at him when they were introduced.

They even take naps together.Senor Mono gets cranky too. And being the crazy mom I am, knowing he is in there keeping my boy company makes me feel a little better.
Stay tuned for Baby A's and Senor Mono's adventures together.It will be exciting. Promise!


BrockandBonnieRiley said...

It has been a while since I've been checking blogs- how did your little boy get so big so fast! I swear you just had him. Your posts are so true, from our family pictures Brock is a single dad.

You sound so happy and I'm happy for you. You deserve the best! Congratuations on your upcoming sealing! That is so exciting.

Jenny said...

How cute! I think Senor Mono and Baby A will be great friends.