Monday, May 16, 2011

Would have, Should have, Could have

The Would of, Could of, Should of's of life. They happen to everyone right? It's not just me?

I should have stuck with dance when I was a child so that I could have made it big and be on  So you Think you can Dance!
Should have paid better attention in Seminary
Should have listened to my heart more
Could have tried harder for that "A" in almost every class
Should have studied more and worried less
Would be in better shape if I ate less cake and cookies
Should have realized that LB was serious the first time he told me he liked me.
Could have been more picky when it came to the types of guys I dated.

Would not body surf  that wave in Mexico- 2009
Could have taken more pictures
Should have written in my journal more
Would have tried harder at soccer and not given it up after 4 years.

Could have waited a little longer for my first kiss
Should tell my mother I love her more
Should have written more thank you notes
Would have danced more
Should have gossiped less
Could have been more kind
Should have worried about others more and myself less
Should have been a lot stronger
Could have gone to church alot more.
Should have spoken up
Should have gone to the beach tons more than I did.

Well they say no regrets right? Life could have turned out very different if these had all taken place.The best part is I can make some of these changes in my life now. Which pleases me.


Julia Sanders said...

Pretty sure you meant that wave in Mexico 2009. Chyeah! It was that long ago. I loved this post by the way, I may have to copy and do something similar. :) Loves!!!

SassAFrass said...

was it really 2009? That just felt TOO long ago.But I believe you are right. I shall change it to make it correct. And please follow suite if you wish.