Saturday, March 24, 2012

A hard day

Yesterday was a tough day for our family. After much deliberation and sadness it was decided that it was time for the family dog, Bandit to be put to rest on the family farm. He was 15 years old with a massive belly tumor and had trouble getting up and down and you could tell he was in pain.He grew up with my husband and I think almost every story he tells involved this beloved dog some how. Before Lover Boy left for AF Basic he had given his mom consent that he was okay with Bandit's passing. It was a very tender moment when my mother-in-law was down petting Bandit and saying her goodbyes, both of her sweet grandsons wanted to climb into her lap and sit with her. He went painlessly and basically just drifted off to sleep. He will be greatly missed. I know it may seem silly to some, but its strange how much animals become a memeber of your family. We all keep reminding each other that he is in a much better,pain free place and is hopefully up in heaven right now playing fetch. We miss you old boy!


britt said...

I am so sad for the Rowley Family! And poor Rhett he wont have a buddy anymore. It wont be the same with out Bandit. love you!

Mamasita said...

I am SO SORRY!!! :( Prayers of peace and love being sent your way!
Lots of love,

Nana Rowley said...

Thank you. This picture is priceless to me.