Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We're Off!

Today is The Day! The day of all days. The day I have (and I am so SURE you have) been waiting for. Our bags are stuffed  packed with enough clothes for all possible weather conditions.Including 88 cent ponchos.Teeth are whitened,my body has been(slightly) tanned,outfits have been purchased. Everything is charged to the max. Snacks,movies and extra clothes have been thrown into Ascher's backpack.( I learned from my mistake the last time we flew)
I likely will not be sleeping tonight.
Can't wait to see my Lover Boy tomorrow morning. Glad these 2 months are finally over. All the advice I got was right. The time you are apart during Basic is the hardest(not that I have anything to compare it to yet)
Wish us luck!


Melissa Knott said...

Yay!! So excited for you and your family!!!

Mamasita said...

Yippppeeeeeee :)