Monday, April 9, 2012

Eggstra Special!

Rowley boys

 We are back from seeing Lover boy in  Texas......(pictures to come when I gosh darn feel like it)

We woke up to a gorgeous Easter Sunday and wore our Sunday duds-even down to a plaid bow- tie!
Egg hunts with cousins,puzzles and food makes this chubbster one happy toddler(am I seriously writing that word now?) During the egg hunt Baby A(can't really call him that anymore) was good about coming over to check out the plastic eggs but once he got one in his bear claws he would not put it down and only cared about shaking it and just ended up sitting in the grass to give those plastic eggs his full attention. The only reason he has more then 2 in that basket is because this mom(thumb thrust at myself) needed to make sure I had some Easter candy to snack on.
We did miss Lover Boy/dad amiss all the kid chaos. Can't wait till we are with him permanently and there isn't a 1 hour time difference between us anymore. I am happy for the little blessings though,like being able to text and call him whenever I want. Huge upgrade from Basic. The other day I got a video tour of his dorm in Mississippi. Loved every funny minute of it.
Happy Easter to you all!


Mamasita said...

glad you had a wonderful day!!!

erica said...

aww love that easter shot of Ascher! such a cute outfit!