Friday, April 13, 2012


Not sure what to say about this action clip of photos of my lil-man. 
Actions speak louder then words right? 
And based off his actions (as well as the cats) you can see that they have a love/hate relationship.
Enjoy, and have yourselves a good chuckle and then be glad that you don't have to scrap cat hair out of your little ones mouth and nose. 
Yup, that happens.


beth said...

Hey! Love your blog - be sure to check my latest post - an award is waiting for YOU!

erica said...

Hahahah oh my gosh that is awesome! haha Sounds like Kash! HE LOVES cats! When we go on walks he says "where's my cat?" and will call for a random cat the whole walk! haha LOVE Ascher!

Kelsie said...

Now we just need to get some pics of him loving Mikayla