Friday, July 20, 2012

18 month oldness

18 months feels like it should be a milestone. A milestone that is celebrated with cake and a balloon or two. Possibly even some sleeping. Or a lot of sleeping. Which actually is the exact opposite of how Toddler A wanted to celebrate his 18 month oldness. Instead he embraced his rebellious side early and decided he didn't want to sleep at all.
Its cool.Sleep I can do with out occasionally. But that cake bit, now that's something I am not sure I can bend on. We might have to find a bakery and split a cupcake in celebration of us reaching this important period of time in our lives.
18 month oldness bragging rights:

-Can open all doors in our house including the fridge!
-Huge copy cat. Will repeat just about anything we have to say these days.
-Can run and he is getting quicker
-Still a huge cuddler and sweetheart. Will run up to us saying "hugs,hugs" and wrap his arms around our 
necks.Including Rhett's.No one is exempt in this house.
-Will climb anything. Anytime, anywhere. If I don't have gray hairs yet, I will soon enough.
 -Still enjoys his book
-Blows bubbles in the tub and likes to "swim" around on his tummy
-Discovered privacy and will occasionally shut his bedroom door when I am smothering him too much. Oh we are in for some fun teenage
- Can name a lot of his body parts.
- Will actually ask to go to bed some nights! Ya we are still in shock over that one too.
-Enjoys animals. Especially horses and cows.
-Kind of obsessed with 4 wheelers and anything motorized. Mr. LB said he already knows what Santa should get Toddler A for Christmas this year.


Zach Amy Ruger and Ryder said...

I love that he shuts the door for privacy! Hilarious!!

Jenny said...

He is so adorable! I love reading about your little guy; I can relate to a lot of it! :)

Young People in Love said...

Oh my goodness! He is a LOVE! I just wanna squish those cheeks :) so, so cute.

erica said...

I totally agree...there should be some kind of celebration for the 18th month because it does feel like a big deal! Can't believe how grown up he is now! I've said it a million times but it bares repeating, sure do wish we lived closer.