Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I have much to be thankful for this week.
You know, things like modern medicine, awesome doctors,an intelligent husband,thoughtful new friends and awesome family. The normal it would seem.
But let me throw some actual specifics in there for ya.
-I am grateful for Pixar movies. I have been The Bad Mom you fear and try to avoid being. And allowed my son  to watch an unfortunate amount of movies for the past COUGH  2 weeks. It seems that when my little man is sick ALL he wants to is lay on the couch with  me(which is cool by me) I am a sucker for his little crying voice telling me "watch,watch" as he extends  Shrek to me for the umpteenth time.
I realized the error of my ways when a stranger on a plane mentioned how awesome he did and couldn't believe how intently he watched his movie at such a young age.
- I am terribly grateful to our neighbor who is currently out of town and letting us use her Internet while she is away.Its made life so much easier and also a lot more lazy. Why clean my house when I can browse Pinterest and Pin items about cleaning. Same thing.
- Lunches with Mr. LB everyday. Its a great and needed break in both our days. Like seeing that handsome man in uniform eat.
- I am also grateful that my slightly hairy legs are currently entertaining my son and keeping him from having a meltdown while he waits for
"more milk"
Its weird when you are on the receiving end of being pet. Food for thought.

Enjoy your Thursday folks!

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