Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter weekend

Easter weekend Mr. LB's brother and his family came down to visit us.(We are the luckiest)
We enjoyed the beautiful weather and a house full of family. Toddler A was in heaven of course. He LOVES his cousins  and playing with the "big kids"
Since Toddler A was born we have been able to spend every Easter with my brother-in laws family-hopefully we can keep this tradition going. If we hadn't had them here visiting I think Toddler A would have had a much different,less exciting Easter experience.
Toddler A loved the Easter egg hunt and got pretty into it by the end.
Loved seeing those chubby little legs running around and shouting  "Egg! Egg!" every time he spotted one.
He was even more excited when he realized that there was either a prize or candy inside those eggs.

Easter is such a beautiful holiday and a great day to remember its actual significance to my Savior.  I love being able to slow down and focus on his sacrifices that he made for me. Hopefully all our friends and family also had a wonderful Easter holiday.

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