Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 months

                                        (giving each other knuckles)

These little ladies of ours are 5 months old yesterday!
They keep me on my toes and make my life 2x as busy but 2x more wonderful.
They have begun to "talk" to each other and I adore watching them converse. It's usually before and after their nap times which I think is the sweetest. It's like a constant sleepever for those two. Fall asleep talking to your best friend-wake up and talk some more. And no matter how far apart I place them in their crib they always manage to basically sleep on top of each other. 
And now for some facts.
1)still our slightly more chill baby
2)loves to suck her soon as she is done eating she immediately throws that little thumb in her mouth 
3) almost rolling over-so close
4) has a mop of wavy hair that I can't seem to control.
5) loves her brother Ascher man as well as Daddy.
6) weighs in at 14.2 and is 24 inches long
7) can hold her own bottle pretty well.
8)still fits in 0-3 month clothes but slowly moving up to 3-6
1) seems to have Stranger Danger fever lately and hates being out if the house
2) also a little thumb sucker 
3)adores her Daddy. Might have a Daddy's girl on our hands
4)really close to rolling over-she has done it once already.
5) weighs in at 14.13 and is also 24 inches long
6) also still fits in 0-3 but is moving up to 3-6
7)enjoys bath time
8)quick to smile when you talk to her

Ascher man struggles to share Mommy some days but overall loves them. He is always saying "hi Piper"-which we have decided in his mind is both of them. Doesn't matter how much we correct him-they are both Piper. He also likes to point out when they are smiling at him.
He is becoming such a big help to me and will go get things for me or throw diapers away.
Now if I could only get him potty trained....

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