Wednesday, December 11, 2013

6 months

These girls of mine get more fun every month. When we found out we were having 2 girls we were a little disappointed. Our hopes had actually been set on a boy and girl. A brother for Ascher and one little lady we could spoil with frills and bows. I am not an overly girly person as most of you who know me can agree with. I am more of the slightly athletic, try to be cute and trendy type person. While I do enjoy getting dressed up and wearing lipstick and having my hair done-I am not a natural at it. I do the basics to get by. Which has served me well most of my life. But being responsible for dressing and managing two little misses in our house (along with that lovely girl drama) was and still is pretty overwhelming to me.
But these two make it so fun to try.
They are squeaky and happy and are constantly on the go. They are full of gummy smiles and tolerate me fussing with them for a few minutes everyday. A question we get asked a lot (other then "oh,twins?" ) is how their personalities are. If we can tell what they'll each be like.
The answer is:No.
We cannot tell. Eveytime we think we might catch an idea of what they each might be like they switch is up on us. So these are just some facts of how they are right now, this second, while I type this.
Weight 15 lbs 9 oz
Height 25.2 in
Head 42 cm
*Had her first cold,fever,throwing-up,diaper rash and ER visit (I tend to be slightly paranoid)
*Has SO much hair and I never know what to do with it. I tried the traditional alien pigtails.... hilarious. Hopefully one day she'll forgive me.
* Super smiley and very chatty
*Can roll tummy to back and is SO close on back to tummy.
* Loves the rice cereal and sweet potato's we have added to their diet
*no teeth yet
* decent sleeper (this is a major thing they take turns at)
*Enjoys being tossed in the air and held upside down and just all over tickled. This girl squeals like a banshee.
*still sucks her thumb
*Back scoots with her legs. Its as funny as it sounds.

Weight 16 lbs 2 oz
Height 25.2 in
Head 42 cm
*had her first cold ,fever and diaper rash. Along with an ER visit
*Super happy and cheerful.
*loves to the make the noise "da-da-da" Matt thinks we should count it as her first word.
* Can roll tummy to back and is working on back to tummy pretty hard
*Enjoys rice cereal and sweet potato's
*No teeth yet
* Is our knee slapper. Her little hands are always moving and patting her legs and touching her toes. She is active and love to constantly test out her new skills.
*still sucks her thumb
*ALWAYS has a smile for her dad. Even through her tears.

Their noise and chatter fill our home and Ascher has found some pretty unique ways to play with them. Who says you can't play with a baby right?He lets me know when they are crying and loves to go in their room with me to get them out of their cribs. I think he is impatiently waiting for them to get older. I on the other hand would just like to sleep for about a week.

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